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Introducing the Graffanimation NET ART gallery

Introducing the Graffanimation NET ART gallery

The graffanimation NET ART gallery consists of works that are created on the newhive platform. The works are generated from graphic assets created by SLOW. The digital collage works generate a unique url once they are published. The urls are embedded into this page via an <iframe>

Each piece is co-dependent on the newhive server to exist. Are they ephemeral or will they last and expand into otherness, time will tell.

Graffanimation PHASE 1 Complete


The Graffanimation Project has concluded phase 1 of the ongoing process.

Phase 1 has been built and archived specifically for the web on this url.

Phase 1 began on September 10th 2014 and ended on January 2nd 2016.

Phase 2 is underway and coming soon.

Graffiti + Animation + the Internet = The Graffanimation Platform

Graffanimation took form with the birth of the internet.

Inspired and evolving out of the 1980’s NYC subway graffiti movement and the cartoon characters that had been woven onto the trains, Graffanimation became a 2-dimensional adaptation for evolution. The animated GIF, video games and motion graphics have played a role in influencing the transcendence and experimentation of the works.

SLOW is graffiti writer living in both worlds, the physical 3-dimensional world as we know it, as well as the virtual 2-dimensional world we record and archive as data. SLOW writes through the dichotomy of both planes. His narratives are both fictional and true.


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